Labelling of Manuka Honey rule changes

The UMF Honey Association has been working with the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) and other parties over recent months to determine criteria for the accurate labelling of Manuka honey.

The purpose of this group is to develop agreed guidelines for the labelling of genuine Manuka Honey, in order to provide consumers with assurances of authenticity and quality. It is a continuation of work that commenced informally in February 2013.

Our Company is committed to work within the guidelines and some slight changes will be required to our and our customer labelling over the coming months as we align with the guidelines.

Given the public health implications, MPI is prioritising removal of therapeutic claims (including terms such as Active, NPA, Total Activity, TPA, anti-bacterial and dose information), health claims and missing batch information (for more on our company batch tracking tool, Honeyid™, see related article). The next level of priority will involve use of grading systems and related explanatory statements (see related News article on the UMF® Grading System), content claims and accuracy of the Nutrition Information Panel.

The first stage of label changes take effect from 1 January 2015 and will continue to mid-2015.