Steve Lyttle

Steve is the Managing Director at 100% Pure New Zealand Honey Ltd. He commenced in the Beekeeping industry in 1968, establishing a company (Lyttle’s Honey Farming Limited) with his brother Peter. Lyttle’s Honey Farming Limited grew to become one of the largest and most efficient beekeeping enterprises in the South Island region. In 1986 he and his brother expanded their business with the acquisition of New Zealand’s largest beeswax processing plant.

This association continued until mid 1995 at which time Steve and his partner, Carolyn Ball, established their own honey processing and packing business – Honey Valley New Zealand Ltd, the former name of 100% Pure New Zealand Honey Ltd.

Steve plays an active role in Honey Industry affairs and was a founding member of the New Zealand Bee Products Standards Council (liaising with Government on regulations that relate to honey and bee products).  He has also an executive member of the UMF Honey Association.

Carolyn Ball

Carolyn is a Director of 100% Pure New Zealand Honey Ltd which she co-founded with partner Steve Lyttle.

After many years in management and marketing roles with other firms, Carolyn oversees the administration, organisational and assists with the marketing operations of the 100% Pure New Zealand Honey Ltd business as well as representing us, from time-to-time, at international tradeshows.

Carolyn knows the business and the industry inside out, and plays a pivotal role with 100% Pure New Zealand Honey Ltd overseeing the business administration and marketing operations.