International Supply

We are a business to business supplier of 100% Pure New Zealand Honey varieties to export markets around the world.

We source only from New Zealand’s leading bee keepers that produce honey renowned for its quality.

That quality is assured by use with rigorous testing and maintenance of strict quality standards which ensure we always meet international customer expectations.

We export approximately 90% of our production to some 12 countries.

We are extremely knowledgeable about the regulatory requirements for honey exporting and importing and highly experienced in managing the logistics of international honey shipments.

We are acutely aware of the supply of counterfeit Manuka Honey for sale in some markets and take great care to source our honeys from beekeepers who have high standards and strict control of their hives where each variety and batch can be traced back to a unique floral source and region and we provide a full batch trace service to our customers through our app, which is also available to our resellers for use with their own brands.