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Comb Honey

100% Pure New Zealand Honey Ltd is a leading supplier of Comb Honey.

Comb Honey is the most natural form of honey. It is honey sealed by the bees in the wax honey comb in the hive and harvested and sold in the wax cells rather than being extracted and processed.

Comb Honey is a gourmet product full of natural flavours and aromas, and the edible wax has a unique and wonderful texture.

The majority of our Comb Honey is White Clover (Trifolium repens) honey which grows wild and results in a pale honey with fudge-like characteristics and coconut and citrus fruit flavours. Other flower varieties can be sourced.

Our Comb Honey reaches you unprocessed, chemical free and fully inspected to meet New Zealand Food Standards Authority (NZFSA) Standards.