Honey & Fruit – the perfect combination

Our Honey & Fruit range blends the fresh flavours of New Zealand fruit with complementary honey to create a delicious tangy range of honeys.

with Blueberry:
This tasty honey is a perfect combination of flavour – tangy, sharp freshness of New Zealand blueberries with smooth, naturally sweet honey. Delicious as a spread or topping anytime of the day and available either mixed with Clover or Manuka honey.

with Lemon & Ginger:
This blend combines the aromatic, sharp flavours of New Zealand lemons and ginger with either Clover or Manuka Honey to produce a lively, tangy honey. Ideal as a warming, aromatic addition to tea or hot water when you need it most.

with Lemon:
Blended with zesty New Zealand lemon, our Mānuka Honey with Lemon or Clover Honey with Lemon is an ideal healthy and restorative honey. Delicious in tea or hot water or as a breakfast spread for that extra zing.

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