Native Floral

New Zealand’s pristine native forests create a unique environment for this stunning range of honey. Our Native Floral honey range showcases the distinctive taste of some of New Zealand’s most celebrated native flowers and includes the following:

White Clover (Trifolium repens)
Sourced from white clover flowers from the fresh and diverse pastures of New Zealand’s temperate Southland region, our White Clover honey is of the highest quality available.

Our clover honey is light in colour, delicate in flavour with fudge-like characteristics and coconut and citrus fruit flavours, and very smooth in texture. It is available in our standard 250g and 500g sizes as well as a comb honey. Our Comb Honey is a gourmet product full of natural flavours and aromas, and the edible wax has a unique and wonderful texture.

New Zealand White Clover Honey is a versatile variety suitable for spreading on toast, using as a sweetener in drinks and sauces or as a compliment to cheeses and stone fruits.

Kamahi (Weinmannia racemosa)
Our Kāmahi Honey is sourced from the rugged Southland and West Coast regions of New Zealand to produce a honey silky, golden honey with crisp springtime herbaceous flavours.

It pairs well with New Zealand’s Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc wines, fresh asparagus and creamy cheeses.

Rata (Metrosideros umbellata)
Rata is a magnificient native New Zealand evergreen tree found from sea level to 760 metres. With glossy dark green leaves and often gnarled and twisted trunks they are best known for their brilliant red flowers that appear in profusion from November to January, often only once every few years.

Our Rata Honey is a very white honey considered to be of the very finest quality with a smooth and delicate flavour and a fruity aroma.

Rewarewa (Knightia excelsa)
Rewarewa is commonly known as the native New Zealand honeysuckle and is endemic to the low elevation and valley forests of New Zealand’s subtropical North Island and the Marlborough Sounds.

Our Rewarewa Honey is a rich dark that is often mistaken for mānuka because of its full-bodied caramel and malt flavours. An aromatic honey, it is often used in place of golden syrup and maple syrup, and is a favourite in Asian dishes and desserts.

Tawari (Ixerba brexioides)
Tawari is arguably the most beautiful of the New Zealand bush trees with flowers forming symmetrical bunches against similarly arranged large waxy green leaves.

The flowers are a favourite of the honeybee, and were once prized by New Zealand’s indigenous Māori who used them for adornment. It is only found in the subtropical upper North Island, predominantly between Waitomo and Kaitaia.

Our Tawari Honey is light in colour with orange-peel and liquorice aromas combined with delicious butterscotch and golden syrup flavours. It is the perfect topping for pancakes, crumpets and toast.

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