Native Originz – The very best of the best

Native Originz is an authentic taste of New Zealand in its purest form.

We have selected the very best single-source premium mānuka honey from three exceptional locations and beekeepers who ensure their mānuka honey is of the absolute highest standard and authenticity.

Each region brings its own unique taste sensation – from the rich subtle fruit flavours from Great Barrier Island, the rustic earthy flavours from the East Cape through to a rich manuka with caramel tones from the West Coast.

Traceability, authenticity and provenance are key. Each jar of our premium mānuka honey is traceable to a region and a beekeeper, and features its own distinctive taste and flavour.

Enjoy this premium honey as a spread, by adding to hot drinks, a topping, or as an accompaniment to cheese platters alongside a premium New Zealand single-vineyard organic wine.

New Zealand’s mānuka tree has been considered an invaluable source for centuries. Early Māori used wood from the tree for everything from paddles, weapons and tools to building materials, and its bark for water containers and roofing. Early British explorer Captain James Cook brewed a tea substitute from its leaves, and created New Zealand’s first beer by fermenting twigs from mānuka and rimu trees.

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