Natural for us. Pure to you.
Welcome to our world of good.

Our honey is handled with the greatest amount of care and respect as it makes its way from the land and into your life. The result is one rich with nutritional value, as close as it can be to the moment it left the hive.

A world of care

From the health of the bees to our apiarist selection process and on to our exceptional processing facility, our stringent quality standards ensure nothing is left to chance. Every part of our honey’s journey is carefully managed to deliver you the purest result.

  • Our environment is rigorously safeguarded against outside influence and pollution. We take care of our land and its inhabitants so they can take care of you.
  • Our bees are raised with love and attention. Our skilled beekeepers use best practice techniques and minimal intervention to ensure the bees can be productive and healthy.
  • Our processing is kept to a minimum. We lessen heat-treating and avoid pasteurisation – a process that can damage the UMF levels long-term and alter the quality. There are no additives or preservatives. Everything is kept as nature intended.

A world of difference

There are so many elements that can make a world of difference in honey quality. After making certain hive and honey is kept in its most natural state we then turn our focus to the testing, packaging and tracking programmes.

  • Our honey is tested more regularly than others so we can ensure the consistency and quality of our products. In this way we can guarantee UMF levels and meet the highest colour, moisture and purity standards.
  • We protect and package our honey according to a realistic lifespan to ensure optimal flavour and quality. We’ve taken measures with our packaging to prevent fraud and we wrap all our shipments to prevent heat absorption and ensure the honey is at its best when it gets to you.
  • Our products can be tracked by checking the individual batch code and entering the details online. Doing so delivers every one of our customers the peace of mind they’re receiving the authentic product.

A world of good

We consider this honey a fitting reward from all our hard work over the years. We take pride in how it retains purity and integrity travelling from the hive to your home. We give it our all to ensure you can gain the maximum level of nutritious care to make the most of whatever adventure comes tomorrow.

  • Nowadays, with busy careers and stimulating lifestyles, a person’s general wellbeing and overall health can struggle to keep up with the demands put on them.
  • The everyday benefits supplied by New Zealand honey are well known, with millions internationally consuming this honey for both its delectable taste and nutritional benefit. Good honey will help take care of you. Great honey will make the most of you. We are single-minded in our work creating great honey.
  • For over twenty years the minds behind 100% Pure New Zealand Honey have been sending the best of our country’s honey out into the world. With passionate care and a dedication to exceptional quality we ensure you can achieve a world of good.