100% pure goodness

At 100% Pure New Zealand Honey Ltd, we are committed to the supply of a world-class product and to backing this up with exceptional customer service.

We recognise that our product is differentiated not only by its unique flavour, but also by its purity and the integrity of our supply chain and processing procedures that combine to ensure our customers both trust the authenticity of a honey’s provenance but also experience a true taste of New Zealand. To ensure authenticity and rating verification all of our UMF® honey undergoes independent laboratory testing. We also employ Pfund Colour Grading and trace all batches to source through our Honey ID® app.

At 100% Pure New Zealand Honey Ltd, we have in place leading quality control systems, based on best food industry practice, that underpin our product integrity and product safety. Read more about our Quality Systems here.

We operate a purpose-built processing facility which is maintained as one of the most up-to-date honey processing plants of its type in New Zealand. Our staff are fully trained and committed to maintaining the highest levels of food hygiene and honey purity.

We are also believe in maintaining and supporting best practice in local beekeepers and play a role within the governance of the industry, to help create a sustainable and authentic honey market.