Real New Zealand UMF® Manuka Honey

finding-your-batch-numberNew Zealand UMF® Manuka honey is prized the world over. It is so sought after that the supply of counterfeit product for sale in some markets has made proof of product provenance a very necessary part of our operation.

We take great care to source our honeys from beekeepers who have high standards and strict control of their hives where each variety and batch can be traced back to a unique floral source and region.

manuka-honey-umf-5-10-15-20-300x172We provide a full batch trace service through our app honeyid® so that buyers are able to check the authenticity and provenance of each and every one of our jars of manuka honey right back to the region it came from.

Trace your UMF® Manuka Honey

We are also a licenced UMF® Manuka packer. UMF® licence number: 1037.