Our Honey Health System

Our Honey Health System is a set of six essential components that every batch of our honey adheres to. This guarantees that every single drop of our precious honey meets our highest standards and is delivered to you in the healthiest way possible.

  1. Environment: We take care of our bees, plants, land and people so they can take care of you
  2. Bees & Beekeepers: Our bees are treated with love to ensure they stay productive and healthy
  3. Testing: Frequent laboratory testing ensures the consistency and quality of our products
  4. Colour & Moisture: We monitor colour and moisture content to preserve the life and quality of our honey
  5. Minimal Processing: We reduce heat treating, avoid pasteurisation and never include additives. This keeps our honey as nature intended
  6. Honey Integrity: Anti-fraud packaging and stringent guidelines when shipping ensure our honey’s quality and authenticity