With the assistance of our suppliers and customers we make sustainability an integral part of the way we operate.

We fully appreciate that the qualities that make our honeys some of the very best that you can buy, come from the unique environment and the natural treasures of New Zealand. Because of this, we tread lightly ensuring the environmental footprint we leave is as minimal as we can make it.

We source our product and packaging locally. We look to reduce the weight of our packaging, have goals for increasing the proportion of reusable, biodegradable or recycled packaging and source it from suppliers that share our values.

Our honeys come from bees that live naturally. They live in the great New Zealand countryside and follow their natural instincts. New Zealand is one of only a few countries where it is illegal to feed antibiotics to bees.

We only use pure New Zealand honey. There are no added flavours, colours or preservatives. We continually try to source our honey from beekeepers that operate sustainably.